Help raise awareness of Scams that we all face as Business owners

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Share this with your friends, family & colleagues and help raise awareness of Scams that we all face as Business owners.🙏

This email was received in the past few days by a customer of Little IT and forwarded to us for advice & support. Although to some the email address used to send the email may appear legitimate, it was the ‘Download Plugin’ link that raised concerns.

Little IT manages all website support & maintenance on behalf of the customer and will only receive communications or requests directly from Little IT, so, therefore, this also was a trigger for them to make contact with us for support & advice.

🛑Stop, take a look for obvious signs like the email address, or asking for personal details, and never click on links, or reply to the email, and to be safe contact your technology support provider.

According to Scam Watch & Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australians lost a staggering $77 million to email scams in 2022/23.😔

To avoid being the next victim, stay alert, support each other, and contact Little IT for advice & support.

Get in contact so we can help protect your business through incomparable support & advice that is only a phone call away.😀

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