321 Backup Strategy Explained

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A Data Backup Strategy to suit any size Business. Micro or SMB. Protect and keep your business data safe and implement a backup strategy to suit your business needs.

So, when I’m looking at a backup solution, I utilise the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy.

Now what that strategy provides is three separate copies of your data. The first copy is your primary data, the data you use every day, the data that’s on your local computer and the data or the files that sync to your cloud file service provider like Dropbox or OneDrive. So remember, consider them as one set of data.

Now the second and third can be, done in various ways. If you have a local storage device like a NAS (Network Attached Storage), you can use that to back up your data, and that can be your second set of data. Then, the third set of data should tend to be an offsite set of data, away from your primary storage location, like your office or home in various cases If you don’t have a local NAS device to store your second set of data on. You could utilise two separate cloud storage providers or backup providers for your second and third backup sets.

Now, what I tend to do is introduce a fourth component of that strategy, and that is an offline backup as well. So, depending on your business needs, take a backup or a copy of your backup and take that offline, so there’s no risk of a cyber security attack flowing through your various data sets or backup strategy all the way through because you’ve taken that backup offline. It’s usually on an external hard drive, sitting in a safe place, disconnected from the internet.

Hope that has been useful. If you’ve got any questions or queries or would like to investigate that a little bit further for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Cheers.